About Us

Our team of professionals at iChecker.com offers you specialized services in broad fields of risk management. We envision ourselves as a highly advanced service with in-depth understanding of all the possible business risks associated with the business activities of our prestigious clients.

Our high levels of expertise along with the business ethical sense are two essential components of our business. We are known to value both as fundamental components of our business operations. We are highly conscious of our representation of the client and steer clear of any kind of mistake or error on our part that might cost them their reputation. We aim to leave no room for ambiguities or errors in terms of our service. We assure you the most precisely accurate and highly reliable:

Due Diligence and Credit Checks

Market Research and Analysis

Insure Business Risks

Legal and Business Consultancy

Debt Collection

Your business will be aided most effectively with our highly efficient services. Vital decision making processes of our clients are entirely dependent on elements such as financial reports, due diligence and market information.

We aim to provide empowerment to the corporate sector along with other professionals directly or indirectly involved in different businesses. Our team of international experts is here to familiarize you with the market and your business dealings with the right kind of information you can truly rely on. Sustaining the business in terms of risks management has become rather critical for any organization. These two elements appear to pose most difficulty in terms of collection and analysis.

We assure our clients of the highest level of performances and seek their trust through reliable:

Minimization of client’s losses


Our success fully relies on the success of our clients which is why we give nothing priority over different needs and specified demands of our precious clients. We boast off a rather well integrated system of partners in all Russian speaking countries due to which we have the ability to produce outstandingly effective results from just about anywhere. Ascertain yourself of:

Complete performance report of each and every action.

Easy interaction

Effective communication

Provision of a vivid fee schedule

Supply of absolutely relevant information relating to business

We take pride in our professional experts with vast experiences in fields of financial, insurance, law, tax and research and previously worked for the world leading investment banks and organizations such as AIG, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, UBS AG, Royal Bank of Scotland, Financial Times, BPP Holding, VTB Capital etc.

We offer our clients specialized services of online search comprising of online financial, legal and corporate due diligence checks at various levels to maintain good understanding of your business partners, clients, and market sectors and jurisdictional financial and regulatory frameworks as well.

Our services include legal entities with registration in any countries listed in the table below. We also provide reports in different languages such Russian and we have a good understanding of local languages and business culture of Eastern European and Central Asian countries. Our business service is highly exclusive and specifically designed to cater growth and emerging markets, encompassing of 196 countries.