Our Services

We provide our worthy clients and partners with several key services that will help them not only sustain their business and manage risks, but also assist in identifying new avenues and areas of improvement and growth.

  • Credit Checks

Our team of highly skilled personnel will carry out credit checks for your company. This includes provision of the following features:

  • Credit Reports (Credit financial information): Company information, financial reports and analysis gives you a summary of business and financial history of your clients or competitors. Potential leaders will make use of the credit report facts and determine if the company is at a good credit risk or not. There are two further features to this activity. These include:

  • Visit reporting:

  • Visit reports are also known as credit rating reports. The information in the visit reports are collected from two sources: the standard credit report and information obtained during the visit of our company personnel to the client’s office (by request may include the photos and video). These reports are useful to several financial businesses such as banks, leasing companies; insurance companies, debt collectors etc. visit reporting may be quite useful the client as it gives a more detailed picture of the financial condition of the company; and establish if the company physically operates. Moreover, it helps cut costs and become more efficient and competitive in the market as compared to other companies.

  • Monitoring:

  • Although visit reporting is important, it is a onetime activity. Whereas, on the other hand, monitoring is an activity which helps keep a continuous check on the financial performance and credit risk situation of a company. Monitoring services are important when you want to keep an extra close watch on the client’s financial health and stability during the life of the business transitions.

Credit Check Report Options

Due Diligence Check in Person

We provide due diligence checks as well. Due diligence is an analysis of a person or a business, before signing a legal contract. These investigations are done in order to avoid loss of payments and tedious debt collection procedures in the future. Our personnel gather the preliminary information, make the required visits and carry out a credit risk evaluation in a given period.

Market Analysis & Research Reports 

Our company also provides clients with marketing information. An inside and detailed market analysis and research helps our clients in designing strategies to grow, innovate and beat competition in their respective field. This information could be needed for the local market as well as for penetration in the foreign market. Moreover, information about market hurdles, trends and competitions strategies and performance are included in market analysis and research. Therefore, there are three basic requests that are catered to:

  • Request for contact data of the company

  • Request for marketing research

  • Request for partner’s research

Debt Recovery

We also help with debt recovery. Debt recovery is the process of getting people to pay back the money that they owe other companies or people. That is to say, people who have borrowed money are made to return it back to the lender, considering their violation of the date at which they were supposed to return the money. There are several features that are included in this process. These include the following:

  • Amicable debt collection

The first priority for a debt collector is to avoid any legal interference and try to collect the debt in a congenial and informal manner. Amicable debt collection is a procedure which saves time as well as money. Companies are able to recover debt by avoiding legal procedures and proceeding their business and relations with clients in a productive manner.

  • Legal Collection

In case amicable debt collection does not take place, we also offer legal collection or bankruptcy procedure. Legal collection of debt includes involving the court in recovering the debt that the customer owes your company, in case pre-legal attempts to collect the money do not work. In legal collection, after informing the client, you may make a claim to the court regarding the amount of money that the client owes your company. We will assist you in collecting all the documents that you need in this procedure. Moreover, we will help you in finding lawyers and assist you in dealing with the court and its requirements in relation to the law suit.

  • Administration of accounts

Our company can also assist you recover your money in a timely fashion. This will be done by sending constant reminders to the client. In case the client fails to comply, then we can help your company in settling the terms in an amicable debt collection agreement prepared by our in-house lawyers. This way, your procedures will be more systematic, payments could be received on time, you will not have to hire additional employees to follow up on the payments and records will remain safe.

  • Debt prevention

We also help our clients with prevention of debt. This is done by making sure that the client is aware of your company’s association with our company. This way, there will be an understanding from the client’s side that your company is vigilant about collecting their payments and this must be done in a timely fashion.


We also provide consultation services to our clients. These are further divided into two categories:

  • Business consulting

Business consulting involves working with the client on strategy building, planning, problem solving and building of business skills and knowledge.

  • Legal services

Legal services provided by our company include provision of corporate governance, contract law and building of legal contracts, legal advice and consultation. Moreover, legal services encapsulate commercial law matters.

Credit Risk Insurance

We also provide credit risk insurance to our clients. Credit risk insurance is a type of insurance policy which helps minimize the risk of non-payment by debtors. There are two instances when the insurance needs to be put into practice i.e. when the client becomes bankrupt and cannot clear your debt, and when your client does not make a payment even after the due date has passed.

We can help you with two main procedures. These include:

Credit risk insurance procedure

Debt collection and indemnification procedure