Business and Credit Reports

Specializing in such jurisdictions as CIS, Baltic States and Central Asian countries (exclusive countries - Uzbekistan, Russia, Latvia and Kazakhstan), we can assist you in getting all levels of credit and legal checks and reports of any type of company WORLDWIDE. We offer the following credit checks services:

Option 1.Standard Report

  • Full company registration information

  • Company History

  • Registration and Business Address

  • Contact details

  • Business activity

  • Products or Services

  • Affiliated Companies or Individuals

  • Financial Information

  • Litigation, claims and other legal matters

English Sample Report

Russian Sample Report

Price List (for our partners we have special discounted prices)

Option 2. Standard Report Plus

  • Includes all Standard Report items

  • Registered immovable property or transport or pledges

  • Corporate and Business Structure

  • IP Registration

  • Reports to a specific report requirement

Sample Report  (Standard report plus additional information or documents requested. Delivery period and pricing are negotiable on a case by case basis)

Option 3. Comprehensive Report

  • Includes all Standard Report Plus items

  • Visit Report (Standard) includes:

  • Personal visit to the office or business of the client

  • Photos or videos of business facilities

  • Visit report (comprehensive) includes:

  • All Visit Report (Standard) items

  • Credit Rating Report and Credit Recommendations

Visit English Report Description

Visit Russian Report Description

 (including delivery period and prices)

Option 4. Bespoke Report

We can provide a tailor made report in accordance with your bespoke requirements. The report can include Comprehensive Report (Option 3) and further analysis of business, financial, legal, tax, and debt issues. You may also order the simple site visit report, like the site photo/video report (area, internal/external office views, etc.).

Delivery period and pricing are negotiable on 'case by case' basis.

What Is Credit Check?

People often borrow from financial institutions or high net worth individuals. That is how the cycle of investment and returns works. However, in order to make sure that the borrower will be able to return the loan or the borrowed amount or investment, the lenders or the loan providers or investors usually check the borrower’s credit report information, the company’s information i.e. the borrower’s company’s registration status, contact details and addresses and other information. This background check is the legal right of the credit check company who is representing its client.

The first step that a loan provider must take, before deciding to invest includes making background checks and making sure that he or she has all the information of the borrower which may influence the decision in any way. One way of doing this is to gather company information and to contact the borrower’s business partners, suppliers and buyers as well.

A borrower’s company information may reveal his business worth and standing in the market. Moreover, it may also reflect the size of the company in terms of its assets and liabilities, and its net worth. Other than that, contacting business partners, suppliers and buyers of the company’s products will ensure the good reputation of the company and the borrower. If this information is skewed towards the positive side, then the loan provider may think about granting the loan for the deserving company or individual.

A tip for borrowing companies would be to update and refresh their company information on a regular basis, so as to make sure that a potential lender does not have to go through out dated and obsolete information about the company, which may lead him to revert his or her decision to grant the loan that the borrower was so avidly seeking.

The type of information that business information providers keep with themselves include the following:

  •  Latest news about the company

  •  Market research and market trends of the industry as well as the companies

  •  Credit and financial information

  •  Industry, country and economic analytics

  •  Detailed profiles of the company and its executives

  •  Information technology related research

Credit checks are carried out by referring to information of the credit reports of a company. If a company’s credit report status is positive, they will be granted the credit or loan or investment that they are seeking. However, if a client’s credit financial report shows a significant amount of outstanding credit or defaults, then the loan or investment that they are requesting will most certainly be rejected or the terms of loan or investment can be significantly altered. This is so because of the client’s loan serviceability may have reached its last limit or defaulted on the payments.

The money lender takes information from the credit report of the borrower and makes a decision as to if they qualify for the loan or not. This process usually takes place when borrowers place requests for loans over the telephone or the internet. If the request is acknowledged, it moves on to the credit company for a credit check.