Debt Recovery

Amongst the other services, we provide debt collection services to our clients. Some of the significant services are listed below:

  • Cordial debt collection

  • Collection according to law and legal services

  • Accounts administration

  • Prevention of debt

The main features of our debt collection services include:

  • Technology which is up-to-date and latest

  • Experienced and professional employees, trained specially for the purpose of collection debt and overdue payments

  • Impeccable organization and record keeping of our client’s records for future references

The first and foremost priority is to collect the debt in a cordial fashion, while maintaining positive client relations. The following guidelines make clear the debt collection process that is adopted by iChecker:

  • Issuance of invoice > Payment due date > First “Overdue payment” notice > Debt collection period:

  • If debt is recovered

  • Client receives their due money

  • If debt is not recovered

  • Application for indemnification is sent

  • Indemnification comes into action


These services are currently limited to CIS countries and Baltic States. However, all other countries we covers via our partners' network throughout the world. We work on "No Result - No Fee" basis. Please send your all related queries and orders to:

What is Debt Recovery?

Overdue payments are not only a critical issue but also need to be collected as soon as possible. The act of recovering overdue payments is known as debt recovery. Payments which have been delayed from the client’s side have the potential to drastically affect the situation of the company, especially if not handled and collected in a proper and timely manner. These overdue payments have the capacity to damage a company in terms of its smooth running cash flows, positive credit ratings and good business status. In case this situation occurs, a financial institution must have a sturdy credit management strategy in order to reverse and potentially prevent this situation from re-occurring again.

When overdue payments start cropping up from the client’s side, it is essential to resort to debt recovery solutions which may help in recovering the capital given off as loans. For this purpose, hiring debt collection agencies is common amongst financial institutions who wish to recover late payments. It is not easy to recover these payments. However, with the help of an experienced debt collector or a team of debt collectors, this is not an impossible task. It is advised that financial institutions should act swiftly when recovering debt from uncooperative borrowers. The trickiest part for debt collection agencies is to collect the payment and secure congenial relationship with the client so that the business does not get damaged.

Reasons to consider a debt recovery agency:

As a company, it is important to keep your business going with the flow, especially when it comes to finances. However, not every one of your clients may be cooperative enough to return payments on time. For this reason it is essential to hire the services of a debt collection agency such as ours. As a business owner, you may not always have the time to make frequent phone calls or write long letters to your debtors. Moreover, the longer you take to collect the debt, the harder it is to recover it. There are some advantages of hiring our debt recovery services.

  • You have access to legal protection

As the 21st century customers are aware of their rights, they do not hesitate to file law suits for anything and everything. With legal protection from business debt recovery agencies, the legal intricacies and risks are minimized when it comes to collecting overdue payments. We not only have practicing licenses, but also have the required knowledge of rules and regulations, with which to protect businesses.

  • Increased chances of debt recovery

We have ample experience of collecting overdue and late payments. We know the tools, strategies and techniques needed to get uncooperative and offending customers to pay to the businesses that we have done business with. Although it is the intention of our debt collector to collect overdue payments on amicable terms, however, we are also equipped to involve legal authorities unless the complete due payment has been made. We are a big threat to debtors as we expose their credit reports and they may end up getting bad credit history and reputation for years to come.

  • Tailored services

We are aware that each business has its own collection needs, hence, we have a variety of services and models that fit the needs of many companies which have different collection requirements, situations and needs.

  • Record keeping

As a business owner, you do not need to worry about the hassle of record keeping. For example, if a business owner decides to sue a long time debtor, we will have kept the record of all the times that they contacted the defaulting party. This will prove to be evidence against the offender, without giving any trouble to the business owner.

  • Pressure on the defaulter to pay faster

With us on the defaulter’s back, payments come easily and readily. Debtors do not want to ruin their credit history hence they agree to make payments at a faster rate. We offer services whereby the collection process becomes much faster and reliable.